Spinning to the Finish Line – Lindsey Knudson

Posted October 19, 2017

A quick introduction first! My name is Lindsey and for the past 8 years I have considered myself an avid runner, in that time I have completed numerous races including one full marathon and 11 halfs plus various other races and distances. I started coming to My Revolution about 2 years ago when I was pregnant with my second daughter as a way to keep active but with less impact compared to running.

Photo from my half marathon in Phoenix (February 2017) where I set my current PR
Coming off the heels off three half marathons in a year I knew my body (and mind) needed a change. I had tossed around ideas all summer knowing myself all too well that I needed a plan. At the same time that plan had to involve less running. For myself, as much as I love running, to become a stronger runner breaks are key.
After I completed my final half marathon of the year in August it was time for a new focus and adventure for this girl! First thing I had to figure out my goals in the “off” season.
My goals:
• Gain strength – everywhere!
• Improve my cardio
• Give my legs a rest from pounding the pavement or treadmill
Enter My Revolution! For the past couple of years I had been attending one day a week on and off and truly LOVE it. I mean cycling my heart out in a dark room with a disco ball to loud music?! Sign me up! Cardio junkie at heart! Knowing that I had to keep cardio in my routine so that the base I built up from running was not lost I felt that increasing my spin classes to at least twice a week would help me achieve these goals. If you have ever attended a spin class you will know why I say that – your heart is a pumping!

Being that I am a busy working Mom I have made my lunch hours work for me and have been able to get to spin classes twice a week for six weeks now. Plug here – they have 35 minute lunch hour classes called “Snappy Spin” which is an awesome workout and easily fit into most lunch breaks!
After a month of attending twice a week spin classes I took a run on the treadmill to test my 5km time and was not overly surprised when I ran it just as fast as I did back 6 months ago in the midst of half marathon training and running 3-4 days a week. Zero cardio lost!

What else have I noticed? A nagging hip pain for months has dramatically decreased, even after a run now. As Cycling is a lower impact workout I had hoped this would decrease these aches and pains that inevitably creep up when I run more.
Looking back on the past 6 weeks I am pretty happy with how trading in my running shoes for spin shoes has gone. There is no doubt in my mind that come my next training cycle I will aim to spin these two days a week to further improve my cardio and time with less impact.