My Path to Yoga Nidra

Posted November 3, 2017

My yoga practice began in 1999. A friend asked me to go to yoga and when I showed up with my 1980s “let’s get physical” mat (thick, green, cotton mat) she just about laughed me out the door. We giggled through our first Ashtanga practice much to the chagrin of the very serious teacher but it planted a seed that began to bloom in 2002.

My practice was always very physical, I was drawn to the Ashtanga/Power Yoga early on and it wasn’t until my first Nidra class during my teacher training in 2010 that the wide world of yoga truly opened up for me.

Yoga Nidra; magical, transformative, healing, and wondrous. The practice although formally created in the early 50s, is derived from ancient yogic practices. At its simplest, is a deep relaxation and at its root, a systematic method of releasing stress, from the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

After my initial yoga teacher training, I was hungry to learn more. I was all set to jet off to India to study at the Bihar school, when the stars aligned and my teacher decided to offer Nidra training in Calgary. Having learned herself in India at the Bihar school I feel incredibly grateful to have gone through the training with her.

Fast-forward 7 years and it is still my favorite offering. Never the same experience twice but always refreshing, energizing and relaxing all at the same time. I am transported back to my first experience every single time a new student comes in and I see their face post practice.

And so my friends, I am incredibly excited to offer a 6-week Introduction to Yoga Nidra. We will take time each week to dive deeper into the practice; the history, learn how to set a powerful intention and how to take the most out of each practice. I will provide you with recordings so you can take the practice into your day-to-day life and will make myself available for questions and discussion about your experiences.

It is a beautiful introduction to meditation. The practice is done lying down on your back. Bring a pillow; we will cover you up with a blanket removing all physical discomforts of the traditional seated meditative practices.

It is a practice for every body, a practice to bring more relaxation, more release and more rest into your life. Who couldn’t use more of that? I hope to see you on November the 13th at 8:30, pillow in hand, heart open.

With Love, Audra