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My Revolution

We are so glad you are curious about My Revolution. Welcome! We are Red Deer’s premier indoor cycle (spin) and yoga boutique studio. Our primary objective is to provide a welcoming, encouraging space for you to explore and flex your body, mind and spirit.

We have top of the line Star Trac bikes in our customized spin studio. Join our instructors for an energetic, full body-ride under dim lights. Every attention is put into our playlists, the lighting and the energy of each and every class. We even have a disco ball! It’s a sweaty, energizing, cardio party.

Our yoga studio is fitted out with soft cork flooring, beautiful lighting and we have talented, experienced teachers to guide you through your practice. Whether you are new to yoga or looking to deepen your practice, we hope you will join us for this transformational practice.

Check out one of our combo classes. Combine a 45-minute ride with a 30-minute restorative yoga class. Total bliss…

The body heals with play. The mind
heals with laughter. The
spirit heals with joy.

Meet the Team

Audra MacIntyre

chief happiness officer | gemini | lover of love, freedom and joy | devoted to balance | healer | earth wanderer

Certified Yoga and Spin Instructor. I received my 250-hour Yoga Teacher Training with the Yoga Passage in Calgary and have done additional advanced training with Ally Bogard, Ashtanga training with David Swenson, Holistic Power Yoga Training with Travis Eliot and am certified in Yoga Nidra through the beautiful teachings of Tanis Fishman. In 2012 I fell hard for indoor cycling and pursued my certification with the originators of the indoor cycle – Spinning.

I have been so fortunate to study with such authentic, light and beautiful souls both through my formal training and my travels. I love helping people find their strength and passion. I approach life with compassion, love and light and look forward to meeting you at the studio.

Whether is it on the bike, on your mat or at the front desk, I am honored to have us share energy.

Holly Lewis

blissologist | joy magnet | chocolate specialist | mind whisperer | deep rooted | lover of life live

I am a YAA Certified Yoga Instructor who pioneered yoga deep in cowboy/oilfield country in east central Alberta. Transplanted to Red Deer in 2011, I have been of service to community offering my holistic, joy filled, bliss based hatha yoga teachings.

With strong roots in yoga philosophy, archetypal studies and the reclamation of the feminine; I am a professed seeker and quester and have found sanctuary in the teachings of yoga. I have travelled all over the world and learned from some of the best to bring those flavours back to my students.

I have a passion for showing bodies the potential of what can happen when you get out of your own way. Small shifts = big change.

Laine Rehn

resident ray of sunshine | leftie | faithful in the abilities of love | curiouser than cats |
infatuated with spoonfuls of nutella + pigs | lover of literary devices

When an embarrassing rollerblading accident caused my pelvis to rotate and my L1 + L2
vertebrae to crunch together, I was sidelined from my first love, dance. What I didn’t know is that this silly (silly) injury was meant to take me on a journey of self-discovery, physical exploration, light and love. After my first yoga class with my sister, it felt like the best kind of subtle shift and pure peace. What was this? Why did I love it so much? How could I have more?

Years went by, sprinkled with yoga dates, a trip to Wanderlust Whistler to present day. In the summer of 2015 after chatting with Audra and Holly, I had a plan. I took my 250-Hour Teacher Training at Yoga Passage in Calgary shortly thereafter. This training sparked the best kind of shift. I have plans to expand my yoga teaching knowledge as my bank account permits and will never look back!

When we practice yoga together, we will focus on intention, breath, the body and moving in an authentic and gentle way. We’ll finish the class with a thought-provoking + soul-nurturing reading.

As for spin, it was love at first ride. (Well, about 3 days later, after the hurting subsided) I got a bigger taste of spin riding with the training teachers in Audra’s basement, then regularly after the studio opened. Audra approached me to teach in the fall of 2016. My same dedicated sister, her husband…even my 60+ year-old dad came in to train with me!

I debuted on the saddle on Halloween night, and the rest is history! I cannot get enough of the energy, sweat and smiles that happen in that dim room. When we ride together, we will focus on the beat and the body, then letting the two find each other to get lost in the candlelit glow.

Avery Kooman

edmonton oilers super fan | greys anatomy addict | beer guy | brother | husband | son | creation enjoying | drake lover

When I am not at My Revolution… I am binge watching a Netflix series, enjoying the outdoors, hanging out with friends or family, or simply spending time at home with my wife

I never leave home without… going back in the house to grab my wallet or cellphone… or both

People say I am… chunky yet funky

What I love about spin… is that you get to wear Velcro shoes without being judged, and as an added bonus, you get a high energy, fast paced work out while jamming out to some music.

When you come to my class you can expect… to work hard, have fun, push and be pushed, jam out to a variety of music, and my personal favorite a nice calf stretch at the end.

Hayden Slaymaker

spin instructor| outdoorsman| avid fly fisher| high energy | wreck-less hand writer | advanced sleeper-inner | master procrastinator | grammar deviant

When I am not at My Revolution, you’ll be able to find me practicing my tabletop utensil skills and manners.

I never leave home without a pocketful of change and an auxiliary cord.

What I love most about Spin at My Rev would be the opportunity I have to share my fun and exciting workouts and favorite music with everyone. Hopefully music you have never heard but can vibe too.

When you come to my class you can expect to be pulled out of your daily life and worries and become engulfed in the awesome vibes of the present moment. Nothing centres me in the present moment more then focusing on my breathing, and we will be breathing…heavily.

Andy Colpitts

spin instructor | welder | dog lover | music lover | wine drinker | golfer | traveller |

People say I am… crazy, but in that good kind of crazy way!

When I am not at My Revolution… I am spending time with my wife and two puppies or out on the golf course.

I never leave home without my… Phone and my wallet…what can I say? I am a guy.

What do I love about spin… It’s a fast paced, high energy, full body workout.

When you come to my class you can expect .. to have fun, work hard, and be in a room filled with others who love spin.

One of my favourite quotes … “Life always offers you a second chance, it’s called tomorrow”.

Madelyn Commins

spin instructor | wine lover | proud farm kid | sun seeker | terrible speller | food enthusiast | smile wearer | forever learner

When I am not at My Revolution… I am to be found in my kitchen, apron on, cooking up something (hopefully) delicious or making a absurdly large bowl of guacamole…and eating it all!

I never leave home without… water and good pair of jeans

What I love about spin (cycle)… is the well-deserved calf stretch at the end of class and all the climbs!

My favorite word is… not a word, but you can never have too many exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!

When you come to my class you can expect… positive energy, a challenge, and some sweet dance moves.

Melissa Young

live well specialist | nature lover | eternal optimist | seeker of health, hope and happiness | new momma, loving every moment!

When I am not at My Revolution I am… doing my other kick-ass job of taking care of my baby girl, my fur baby, and my home, as well as being a wife to a wonderful man. I love to nourish my soul by spending time with family and friends, practicing yoga, hiking, spinning, and trying out new healthy recipes, just to name a few.

I’m currently on maternity leave from my job as an addiction counsellor, also a great gig.

I never leave home without…a sweater, and if I do I usually regret it as I’m often on the cold side.

What I love about spin (cycle)… I love the satisfaction and energy I feel after a session! And not just physically, also mentally and emotionally. I find spinning to be very challenging on all levels and so it’s also very rewarding on those same levels. I also love the really rad beats and like-minded people you get to meet.

When you come to my class you can expect… a positive, non-judgmental environment in which I will be sweating and working just as hard as you! Together, we will spin our hearts out as we work toward attaining our personal health and wellness goals.

Kyla Belich

healer | life-long student | stubble-jumper | wine enthusiast | spelling bee lover | homemaker | string musician

Certified Yoga Therapist & Teacher. I was drawn to yoga in 1994 as a means to recover from a serious car accident. My teaching career began in 2002 with the Yoga Alliance of Red Deer. A math nerd and engineer by trade, I was introduced to Yoga Therapy in 2004, where my science mind and yoga passion collided and I haven’t stopped studying since! I believe that each body is unique and how a condition/illness manifests within each person is different, that less is more, and that pain-free is a state possible for all bodies.

I am a relatively new spin addict, finding solace and a renewed youthful energy in the dark room, mesmerizing music and a gentle competition with myself. In yoga as well as spin, I love to witness participants “letting go” as a result rather than as an action. I also sometimes forget my filter…I recall referring to my first ride as a bit “fifty shades of grey” because I had my seat to high….J.

In my yoga classes you can expect to learn a bit of anatomy and just how potent small movements and shifts can be to your overall well-being. In my spin classes, I love that I am pushed out of my comfort zone, having to turn my well-practiced, calm, yoga voice into a motivating sound, and I like to have some fun and make you smile.

Linzee Knowles

fitness enthusiast | dog lover | always hungry |fun seeker | goal driven | sweets addict | netflix binger | can fall asleep anywhere

When I am not at My Revolution… I am enjoying the outdoors, having some hardcore fitness fun with my workout buddies, and spending some good quality relax time in front of the TV. And sleeping. This girl likes her sleep.

What I love about spin (cycle) is… the energy a room full of hard-working bodies creates…there’s no other feeling quite like it  

My favorite word is… ‘Yep!’…very overused in my vocabulary, but I think it’s important to say yes to opportunities, to giving and taking a helping hand, and to being okay with what life throws at you and making the best of it… yep! 

When you come to my class you can expect…  to sweat! heart-pumping, energizing, invigorating…all the good stuff 🙂

La Keria Clayton

Adventure seeker | heart of a mermaid | peace loving | makes wishes on stars | enjoys collecting moments

My yoga practice began in 2006 during a year abroad in Thailand and I earned my 200hr teacher certification in 2008 through the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center in India. I enjoy teaching an energetic hatha style yoga and believe all ages can enjoy and benefit from yoga practice. Influenced by Sivananda principles, my goal is to make every student feel comfortable in their bodies and their yoga practice.

In 2015 I completed a comprehensive 85 hr prenatal teacher training program with Mamata Yoga that is certified with Yoga Alliance. My prenatal class focuses on creating a mindful connection between mother and baby during the process of pregnancy. In addition, preparing for labour and delivery through asanas (physical poses), pranayama (breath work) and meditation. I also deliver workshops for partner prenatal yoga, and mom and baby yoga.

Reed Slaymaker

Bio Coming Soon!

New Guests

We look forward to having you at the studio. We have made every effort to make the studio comfortable and inviting.


The studio will open ½ hour before the first class of the day. We ask that you arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your class to ensure you have enough time to put your belongings in the change room, fill up your water and get your bike set up properly. If you are new to the studio, please plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early so we can go over waivers with you, give you a tour and ensure you have plenty of time with the instructor who will get you safely set up on your bike.

We have full service change rooms with two showers in each the men’s and women’s area. The showers are fully stocked with Rocky Mountain Soap Company body wash and shampoo / conditioner from Bumble and Bumble. Our friends at Crop Hair Boutique have also stocked us up with all the Bumble and Bumble hair enhancing products outside of the shower you can think of. Linger a while!

Make sure you stay hydrated. We ask that you bring your own water bottle and visit our hydration station. Forgot your bottle? We have My Revolution water bottles for sale.

Please leave your distractions in the change room. This includes but is not limited to, cell phones, smart phones, pagers (?), ipods and all the junk in your head. This is you time, make the most of it.


What if I have never done an indoor cycle class before?
No problem! Show up a little early for your first ride (15-20 minutes) for bike setup and we can answer any questions you have then. We do not allow new riders into class if there is 5 minutes or less before class start.

What should I wear?
You will want to wear form fitting pants or shorts. Some people enjoy the padded shorts but it is not necessary.

Will my behind hurt?
Yup. Keep coming back! It only takes a ride or two for your behind to catch up to the fun.

How many calories will I burn?
A ton. The harder you work, the more you burn but expect to burn between 500-800 calories a ride.

Do I have to wear SPD shoes?
Yes! You will have a safer, more enjoyable ride. We’ve got you covered!

Is there a minimum age or height restriction?
Yes, you must be over 18 and 4 feet 11 inches to ride.

Anything else I should know?
Keep hydrated. Make sure you drink lots of water throughout the day and bring a water bottle to stay hydrated during class.

Can I slip in late to class?
Unfortunately not. For safety reasons, we ask that you arrive on time. This includes time for proper bike setup. We suggest arriving to the studio 10 minutes prior to class starting. We reserve the right to give your bike away if you are not checked in at the studio at least 5 minutes before class time. This allows time to give your reserved bike to someone on the wait list.


I am new to yoga, what class should I take?
We recommend you read through the class descriptions prior to signing up for a class. Generally speaking anything with “mindful” “restorative” “yin” or “nidra” in the title will be appropriate for all levels and experience. We remember what it was like to be new and will make every effort to help you feel comfortable. If you have questions, call the studio and talk to one of our friendly up front crew.

What should I wear?
Dress in layers. As you flow through a practice, your body will warm up. Comfortable bottoms that allow you to easily move (and won’t ride up and allow your bits to peek out when your leg is up in the air), a tank top or t-shirt that will breath when you warm up and a long sleeved shirt to cover up during savasana.

Can I come late to class?
In respect for the rest of the class, we ask that you arrive on time. If you are running a few minutes late, we will do our best to get you in to the class, but please be mindful and quiet as possible.

Anything else I should know?
Please let your teacher know if you are expecting or have any injuries they should be aware of.


Community is the heart of My Revolution. You, our neighbours and our city. We look forward to motivating you all through profiles of revolutions that are happening at the studio and beyond. Watch our Facebook page and our blog for upcoming fundraisers and events.