Inspiring Young People – Welcome Jade

Posted June 11, 2018

Summary of Hockey Career

I started playing hockey with the boys in “Novice” when I was 7 Years old until I was 8 years old. The boys taught me to be a better player by becoming stronger and battling more against them. I then switched over to female hockey when I was 9 years old and skipped the “Atom” league all together and jumped up and played with the “Pee Wee” girls for 4 years until I was 13 years old because of my talent and skill level. I then moved on to “Bantam” for two years until I was 15 years old and then played “Midget AAA” for 3 years until I was 18 years old. I then played 5 years of college hockey until I was 24 years old at Red Deer College while continuing my education. I played my entire hockey career in Red Deer.
My hockey accomplishments include:

– 1st Team All- Star Conference Award Red Deer College Queens Hockey 2013-2018
– Coaches Award Red Deer College Queens Hockey 2017-2018
– Second Top Points Leader in Red Deer College Queens Hockey History 2018
– ACAC Gold Medalist Red Deer College Queens Hockey 2015-2016
– Rookie of the Year Red Deer College Queens Hockey 2012-2013
– Top Forward Alberta Major Midget Female Hockey League 2011-12
– Alberta Major Midget Female Hockey All-Star Team 2009-2012
Hockey & Life Lessons

I have learned you can’t always win and you need to come back stronger and harder to get where you want to go. I’ve learned to listen and respect my peers from playing hockey because when you’re on a team you are one big family! It takes teamwork and everyone pulling the same direction to become a champion. I have learned disappoint but most importantly I have learned success.

I have learned the life lesson of support. Always supporting one another and always be positive and staying positive. I’ve learned to deal with negative criticism and to keep going when someone is being hard on you. Hockey has taught me to get back up over and over again. You learn about responsibly by being on time for games, practices, and workouts. You learn to push yourself harder, to become better and to achieve your end goal of what you desire in life.

The lessons I learned from hockey are endless and an important part of shaping of who I have become today as an individual. Each year there is room for growth and you can always be improving and always become a better player and a better person. The one thing I’ve learned from hockey the most is my passion. I didn’t know I could love/enjoy something so much until I’m no longer able to play the sport competitively. It’s going to be hard but the memories I made throughout my career will be with me for my lifetime.

Off Season Training

It keeps you in shape and keeps you motivated to achieve your goals, whether that means securing your spot on the roster or hoping to become part of a new team on a new roster. Training helps you with your overall performance when you come back to training camp in the fall. Everyone else is going to be in shape and you better be one of them or else you could jeopardize your sport on the team or your spot in the line up for games.

During the hockey season you are very busy and the off season is where you can build more strength and really focus on your endurance. Once the season starts its hard to work on these little things because most days you are too tired after team practices and workouts.

I practiced four- five times a week and then played two games on the weekend and 1 day of working out. There is little time for recovery and little time to add in extra workouts. Off Season training helps you improve your foundation overall for your physical and mental abilities/performance.

Off Season training helps you stay fit and tone so you don’t lose everything you’ve worked so hard for during the season. Its super easy/fast to lose muscle when you’re not working out or practicing everyday.

Best Piece of Advice for Athletes/People

If competitive sport were easy then everyone would be able to it. It takes a lot of hard work and commitment to achieve your goals and dreams. Becoming a better person or athlete takes time and you really need to be dedicated to become successful. Always have confidence in yourself and don’t let anyone take that away from you, including coaches, mentors, and parents. Mental toughness is crucial for accomplishing dreams.

How I Discovered My Rev

I was looking for a facility that targets my needs for hockey which is endurance and strength. My Rev is targeted to cardio and really working leg muscles. They also have weight and core sessions which I really needed to stay up to date on my fitness strength goals for my off season training. My Rev had a sense of community and belonging, which I really enjoyed. If I am going there every day to workout it was nice to able to talk to the instructors there to help me reach my goals.

How I feel Before & After Class

Sometimes I really need to push myself to workout because before class I feel tired and unmotivated, but after class I feel invigorated. I feel like I just sweated out all the toxins from my body and obtained more energy. You feel powerful and determined to go to another class.

Advice for New People

DO IT!!! It was the best decision for me because the classes go by quick and you can feel great after an hour’s class. Don’t be nervous! I remember my first time I was so anxious and I didn’t want to mess up, but then I realized everyone is looking at the instructor and not you. The fun lights and music keeps everyone distracted and focused on spinning that no one will be focusing on you! However, the instructors are ALWAYS there to help you. They are so friendly and knowledgeable they are literally a step away! Just try it and I know you wont regret it!

Something surprising about myself

I have webbed toes.