From There to Here

Posted March 20, 2015

Welcome to My Revolution Cycle + Yoga and our very first blog posts. Our intention is to provide you with regular inspirational stories, ideas, recipes; fuel for your mind, body and spirit.

The journey from that hopeful young woman who was chasing the dream of becoming a sports psychologist to a 20-year divergence into Information Technology / part time yoga instructor to studio owner was a long and sometimes bumpy ride. Sitting here, a few short weeks from opening, it all seems worth it. Every single bump in the road (and dark hole I went down), every single person I met, every single great / shitty moment, week, month, year led me to right here. When we are in it, it may not seem so! Wherever you are in your journey, take comfort in the fact that it is making you who you are. Which brings me to this:

Emotions can be really beautiful. It’s about finding your foundation and stepping off from there. When you have a strong foundation (santosha/contentment) you feel emotions so fully for what they are, with a deep feeling of safety that you will find your way back to your foundation. “Things” happen. Maybe they do happen to us even. Yes, many “things” beyond our control. In those moments remember how you face them, what you do with them and who it makes you become is all you.

Control! Well, that is for another day.

Welcome to My Revolution Cycle + Yoga. Our hope is that you find a place of great peace, inspiration and support as you navigate through this life of ups and down.

Audra – Founder and Chief Happiness Officer