My Path to Yoga Nidra

Posted 03/11/2017

My yoga practice began in 1999. A friend asked me to go to yoga and when I showed up with my 1980s “let’s get physical” mat (thick, green, cotton mat) she just about laughed me out the door. We giggled through our first Ashtanga practice much to the chagrin of the very serious teacher but […]

Spinning to the Finish Line – Lindsey Knudson

Posted 19/10/2017

A quick introduction first! My name is Lindsey and for the past 8 years I have considered myself an avid runner, in that time I have completed numerous races including one full marathon and 11 halfs plus various other races and distances. I started coming to My Revolution about 2 years ago when I was […]

Food During the Holidays

Posted 30/11/2016

Christmas is one of my favourite holidays! I love the overall happiness the season brings, time spent with family, Christmas music and of course the delicious food and treats. It is definitely a time for celebrating, enjoying the company of others and reflecting on what we are most grateful for. For some of us though, […]

Giving Back: The Fight Against MS by Chris Brown

Posted 02/08/2016

I ride because my father has MS. Before he retired, he had worked with his hands all of his life, be it master carpenter or millwright, so it is frustrating for him to have those skills taken away from him. Two things my father did influenced why I chose to enter the bike tour and […]

I Declare!

Posted 07/04/2016

I am a beginner! Think about the last time you had to take on a new challenge at work or in your personal life. When was the last time you wanted to try something new like yoga or a spin class? How did you feel about that challenge? Did you tread the line between excitement […]

Retreat with us to the Desert

Posted 06/01/2016

Friday March 4th to Monday March 7th 2016, My Revolution is hosting our very first retreat. Ready for some you time? Come join Maddy and Audra in the Arizona desert for a very special 3 nights, 4 days of rejuvenation. Call or email the studio for more information or to reserve your spot. Space is […]

Healthy Holidays – Bailey Scheuerman, BSc, RD

Posted 16/12/2015

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! The holidays are a special time of year to gather with your friends and family, with food often being a focal part of these gatherings. Tis’ the season, right?! I know for many, including myself, it can be challenging to stick to a healthy lifestyle at this time of […]

My Journey to Cardio Love – Holly Lewis

Posted 20/09/2015

I could tell you that for years, decades really, my version of cardio was a gentle walk in the woods with my dogs. Period. End of Story. There were several reasons I hated cardio: 1. It took effort. I am a sloth by nature, a textbook introvert, I love moving slowly, methodically. 2. After the […]

From There to Here

Posted 20/03/2015

Welcome to My Revolution Cycle + Yoga and our very first blog posts. Our intention is to provide you with regular inspirational stories, ideas, recipes; fuel for your mind, body and spirit.

Sometimes the Best Things in Life are…Second Chances

Posted 19/03/2015

I was entering a yoga class this week, when I heard a familiar statement being spoken between the yoga teacher and a body that was passing through the building. “I took a yoga class once, ten years ago” she said “Once was enough. I hated it”. I looked up and observed the middle aged woman, shoulders well […]